"Why Color Mathematics ???"  

How does your Brain store Information ?
To understand , why you need "Color Mathematics" ,
you must understand how your Brain learns and stores Information.
Your Brain stores Information in form of
Compact Memory Units.
Here is a simple Example :
When you see a Girl , the Brain stores her Picture ,
the Color of each part, the words she speaks,
her smell ( Parfume), the taste of her lips, if you kiss her and even a whole story , if she tells one !
The more exciting the event is ,
the stronger it is recorded in your Memory.
The whole event is stored in Memory Units which are linked together under the event "Susi",which is her name .
How do we remember an event ?
Now suppose Susi was dressed
in a Red Dress with White Flowers .
The more beautiful her Dress,
the better we shall remember Susi !
Whenever we shall see a woman in a Red Dress with White Flowers, we shall remember Susi and everything about her.
We say : any woman with a Red Dress
and White Flowers will
"trigger" the event Susi and all about her.
Now, even if we smell the same Perfume
we shall be reminded of Susi.
I am telling you this because it will help you to understand
why we need "Color Mathematics".
Now you will understand what is
the best way to remember things,
and the best way to learn Mathematics !!!
Suppose you wish to learn
( which means to understand and to remember)
the theorem :
An Isosceles Triangle has equal Base Angles.
What you need is to create an
attractive Compact Memory Unit.
You draw an Isosceles (two equal legs) Triangle,
color the equal legs in green
and its Base Angles in red.
This is an attractive Memory Unit which helps us to remember the above mentioned Theorem.
Furthermore, if you wish to remember the
Proof of this Theorem,
you draw the Angle Bisector to the Base , color it blue
and color the bisected Angle in yellow.
This is the Proof : Triangle green-yellow-blue is congruent
to Triangle green-yellow-blue (Side-Angle-Side).
Now the Memory Unit includes not only the Theorem but also its Proof !
The more Memory Units are recorded in your Brain, the greater will be your Success with more complicated Problems.
In such manner we build a
Basic Memory Structure in your Brain.
The greater the Basic Memory Structure, the easier it will be for you to solve complicated Problems.
We may use the same ideas to build a
Basic Memory Structure
for Algebra , but here we need besides the Color Code
a lot of Drill: Signed Number Drill, Equation Drill, Algebraic Expressions Drill etc.
How this is best achieved, is shown in my Programs.
Brain Energy :
To solve a certain Problem , we are given various Information.
Now we have to store the Information in our Memory
and make a Plan how to solve the Problem.
The given Information must be remembered or easily accessed.
This can be best achieved by coloring the
Text and the Picture.
In such a manner the Brain will not waste Energy searching for Logical Links.
Furthermore : when we read carefully the given Information in view of the task to be performed , our rich Basic Memory Structure
should trigger useful Theorems and Ideas to solve the Problem.
To concentrate and think how to solve the Problem , we need
a lot of Brain Energy ,otherwise we get easily tired.
Once we are tired, we shall have great Difficulties to think
and trigger useful Ideas.
Colors and quick reference to Logical Links will save much Energy !!
Children have great difficulties to concentrate and also Adults!
Colors help to concentrate and keep you alert!!
Colors have also serious effects on Emotions and your Ability to trigger Ideas !!!
Once you use our Programs you will notice that you have learned
a lot without being tired or bored !!
These are the Great Advantages of "Color Mathematics" !!!
Now, here comes the Important Part for YOU to understand :
How do you improve and build your BRAIN-POWER ???
First of all , you need a "Clean Brain"
to achieve this !
A "Clean Brain" is a Brain able to store
New Information without being constantly
interrupted by "Bad , hurting Memories"
These Memories will distract you and
you will have to spend too much Energy to learn
and you will soon become very very tired !!!
Now, how do we erase Bad hurting Memories ???
Unfortunately , you can NOT erase them
but you can "overwrite" them
using Computer Language !
Here is an Example :
Suppose you met a Girl with Blond Hair
and Blue Eyes .
You loved her very much but she caused you
a Lot of Trouble !!!
Let's call her Roxy .
Since you loved her very much , your Brain
has created hundreds of Links to event "Roxy".
Whenever anything reminds you of one of these
Links, Memory "Roxy" will cause you pain
reminding of all the Trouble you had with her
and possibly with other people too.
So , the "Memory Unit Roxy" is a Real Troublemaker !
You can NOT erase event "Roxy" but you can overwrite
this hurting Memory !
You should find another Girl who loves you very much.
Let's call her Alice.
This New Event will be recorded strongly in your Brain
and will weaken the Pain caused by Roxy.
It will take some time but finally you will find
that Roxy was nothing but a Joke !
Roxy can NOT hurt anymore or distract you from learning!
Not only that , but all the Links to Roxy will lead
you now to Alice, and you feel Joy in your Heart !!
This Joy may also distract you from Learning ,
but it fills you with Energy to continue
Learning with increased Brain-Power !!!
Now you understood my Theory and Explanations
and I shall continue with Problems of DEPRESSION .
DEPRESSION must be overcome because it causes
Total Lack of Brain Power and FATIGUE.
Sleeping does NOT help:
The more you sleep,....
the more depressed you become !!
This is a crazy Circle and you
MUST get out of it !!
Many healthy people are victims of Depression !
But How ???????
First of all : What causes Depression ?
A series of FAILURES cause depression.
If it is your body that has Problems,
then you have to consult a Doctor,
if the Depression is very advanced , then you
need proper Medicine prescribed by a Doctor
but if you have a light Depression
my Information will help you !
If Depression is caused by Disappointments
in your Life then you have to analyse
each Disappointment and understand the REASON
for each particular FAILURE .
Again , I shall give an Example :
Suppose you meet a Girl ,
you love her and she does NOT !
You are trying to do everything she wants,
but she still does NOT want you !!
Then you have to understand that
You are NOT her TYPE !!
You are radiating many things which repell her !
You may be a wonderful person , but you two
are NOT made for each other !
So, don't be depressed ,
understand the Reason and be clever !!!
Once you understand the Reason :
First it is NOT your Mistake ,
You can NOT change anything
to make her love you .
This should be sufficient Information
to prevent any "Bad Mood"
and make you stop thinking about her !
You must understand that you can NOT
get everything you want - this is a LAW of Logic !
To increase your Brain Power for effective learning
you should try to remove all possible Disturbances:
These are all things that make you nervous .
You remove what can be removed and this will give
you more Nerves to suffer what can NOT be removed.
I prefer Not to give Examples in this Case !!!
Furthermore : you should try NOT to get involved
in anything that "disturbes your Peace of Mind".
Once you followed my advice and instructions
you are ready for a successful study of Algebra and Geometry.
By training the Brain with Mathematics
and preparing proper Condition for successful Learning
you will find your Brain Power stronger than ever.
Your ability to concentrate has increased
and your Success will be outstanding.
Your Ability to contact people and listen to them
has also improved , since you now understand
how the Human Brain works.
Now , I shall give you some important Information
and Instructions to help you to overcome Depression !
(1) Don't overdo anything !!!
(2) Don't eat too much . Check your Appetite
with Reason and NOT with the Feeling of "Hunger",
This Feeling may be impaired.
Nervous and depressed people eat too much
because the Fat in their Body reduces Tension
and Stress. But too much eating and a fat Body
needs a lot of Energy and you become very fast
extreamly tired and depressed !
(3) Don't study too many hours ! When you feel
tired you should stop learning and go to sleep !
(4) Don't work too much ! This will cause different
sorts of pain in different parts of your Body !
(5) Use every opportunity to reduce Tension
and relax until you feel strong again !
Listen to your favourite Music and speak with people
you love and don't make you nervous .
A little sport (walking) and fishing is good to relax .
(6) Send away all your friends who make you nervous
but replace them by friends who make you feel happy !
Believe me it is VERY difficult to make depressed
people happy , but your more intelligent friends
who love you may succeed !!
(7) Remember : you can't feel happy all the time !
If you have to perform serious work you will experience
some Stress , but this is a healthy Stress and
should NOT be prevented .
(8) Express yourself :
Some people feel relaxed when they are playing Music
reading loud , singing ,painting or writing Books .
(9) Think about joyful events with the help of Pictures
and refresh the joyful Memories in your Brain.
The more joyful Memories you have collected
the more Joy and Energy and Self-Confidence
you will have to go on living !
Remember : Success leads to more Success
and these are the Conditions for Success !
(10) The Brain has a Scanning System similar to the Computer.
When you try to relax and think of Nothing , different Memories
will come up .If some bad Memories come up you should always
try to explain to yourself the Reason: what caused a certain
event to happen .
Remember : the World is governed by Reason and Laws of Nature !
Laws of Nature are NOT always fair : the Strong survives
and others have to go !
There is Nothing Fair about that but we must obey and
understand the Laws of Nature , that's why I am teaching
you Mathematics , Logic and Physics.
Don't cry tiny Boy or Girl , obey and learn the Laws of Nature
and be happy to keep your Health in good Shape !
(11) You may help other people to overcome their misfortunes
but if your help demands too much effort from you,
which will endanger your own Health then you have the
Natural Right and even an Obligation to take care
of your own Health .
In this case "Egoism" is preferred to maintain your Health !
Learning stores plenty of pleasant Information in your Brain.
This Information may correct and alter many unpleasant Associations
existing in your Memory.
In particular, when you study Mathematics , the Brain practices
its own Natural Behaviour : choosing useful Alternatives to obtain
a special Goal, finding out what is useful and what shall be discarded.
In this manner the Brain is NOT only recalling useful Memory Units
but is creating and storing its own detected and devised Information.
In such manner you have great chances to perfect your Brain to
the Highest Level of Performance !
(13) Try to understand the Behaviour of other people
and Reasons for their particular Behaviour :
If somebody makes a lot of noise and is impertinent and agressive,
then he may have problems to communicate with people.
He wishes to gain attention and he does NOT care if everybody
curses him telling him that he is Crazy !
He has NOT enaugh Intelligence and or Nerves to gain Attention
in a different manner !
Human Beeings have always lived in Groups : Families, Tribes,
Villages , Towns and Cities.
A Human Being can NOT live alone for a long time :
He must train his Brain Functions : Speech , Attention and others
with other people , otherwise they will degrade
and the person living alone will experience serious Depression .
But not only that !!
People who live alone for a long time are extreamly suspicious
and are afraid if somebody suddenly talks to them .
These people also find it difficult to speak and understand
what you are talking to them.
This shows that many Functions of the Brain must be frequently
exercised - otherwise they will degrade !!
Once you see that you have problems to speak with other people
you will become very lonely , sad and depressed !
(15) SEX :
Sex can NEVER cure any Problem of Depression !
Vice Versa : Once you recognize that your Friend is a Success
and your Depression makes you a complete Failure ,
your Depression will become even worse !!
You must first cure yourself before you continue
with your Friend !!
(16) How to find Friends , if you are depressed ???
Well, you can't find normal Friends if you are depressed
because an Intelligent Person immediately senses that
(a) Your Reactions are too slow
(b) You think too much
(c) Your Voice is SAD and too LOW
(d) Your Behaviour is insecure
(e) You are extreamly suspicious
Now , if you try to correct yourself without curing
your Depression , you land on the other end of the Line:
(a') Your Reactions are too fast
(b') You don't think enough
(c') Your Voice is too happy and LOUD !
(d') You are too sure of yourself
(e') You are completely ignoring any Danger
So , in any case , nobody wants to be your Friend
and you are very much alone !!
I call this agressive Behaviour a "Theatrical Performance"
which is certainly NOT balanced !
Now you have exactly two choices :
(a) Find yourself a Friend who has also Depression
but this is very difficult because depressive people
want happy people to help them out of their Depression
but you are sad and NOT happy , you can NOT help your Friend!
(b) Cure yourself , follow my Instructions, increase your
Brain Power and get OUT of this MESS !!!
This Alternative is of course preferable !
Remember: Your Friend needs always Attention .
You should be able to listen to him and try to understand
what exactly interests him.When you talk , speak about things
that interest your Friend and NOT what interests only you !
If you follow my Rules and study my Information ,
once you have cured the Symptomes of your Depression,
you will be amazed how many people will adore you
and seek your Company , because now you have a Strong Brain
and your Intelligence will be adored !
The trouble is : Intelligent people with the slightest Depression
are ridiculed and despised by the Majority of Mankind !
But once they are cured everyone seeks their Love and Company !!!
This fact is quite logical : the Majority of people with slight
Depression , who are able to cure themselves , have very intelligent
and sensitive Brains and are therefore very gifted and are perfectly
able to understand the World of their Friends and other people.
This is the Reason why people cured from Depression are
extreamly successful and adored by many others !!!!!!
(17)Your Greatest Enemy is ANXIETY !!!
Once you have followed my Instructions and Advice,
you will be able to defeat all Irrational FEARS !
The Problem with Anxiety is that even if you have a good Reason
to do something , Anxiety will NOT only prevent you from
doing the Job, but will help you to find Reasons NOT to
do this Job.
Here is a good Example :
Suppose you love a Girl and she makes you suffer !
You will be ready to suffer because you love her
and you don't want to loose her !
You will always find an Explanation that she can NOT
act otherwise ( because she is very busy and has little
time for you )
In this case you must let her go otherwise you will
suffer more and more until you become very depressed !
Don't reason anymore !
Just tell yourself : This Girl must go or I am finished.
You see: your Anxiety to loose the Girl made you suffer
and endangered your Health !!
Another good Example is the Doctor:
Suppose you are afraid to see a Doctor , because you think
something harmful may happen to you !
But if you don't go to the Doctor your Health may
seriously deteriorate !
Unless you tell yourself : you MUST go to the Doctor!
Don't be a coward !
Then you will probably see the Doctor !
You may also tell your Friend to take you to the Doctor
and to shout at you to follow him !
With a little Will-Power you will succeed alone.
Tell yourself : NO FEAR , don't find any Reason
NOT to do the Job !
All your Reasons are Excuses !!!
Many times in your life you want to do something
but you are AFRAID to do it !!
So overcome your Anxiety and do the Job !
If you don't do it you will be worried all the time !
Once you learn to do what you want to do
and you overcome your Fears , Life will be more pleasant!
Once you have removed your Anxieties you can start
to live a rich , happy and pleasant Life !!!
Now , this is very important :
(18) SPORT :
Sport helps a lot to make you strong and healthy :
(a) Reduces Tension and Anxiety.
(b) Improves the Flow of Blood.
(c) Improves Concentration and Attention (Alertness).
(d) Makes you feel good and even happy !
(e) Removes Feelings of Depression , Sadness and Loneliness.
(f) Gives you more Energy to go on !
(g) Improves Digestion.
(h) Decreases the Amount of Colosterol.
(i) Reduces Weight to make you feel better and comfortable.
(j) Reduces your exaggerated Appetite !
(k) After Sport, you sleep better !
(l) Improves your Self-Confidence.
(m) Developes Will-Power
(n) Improves your Metabolism.
Well , I think that this convinces you !
At least , walking for half an hour every day is a MUST !!!
If you follow my Rules , then you are Strong again !!
Strong and Healthy in Mind and Body,
adored and loved by many clever people !!!
A very important part of your Recovery is
What shall I eat ???
Different people have different Nutrition Requirements !
All depends on the Condition of their Body and the Work they have to perform .
You should consult your Doctor or copy my Menue :
(a) Morning : Salat and Low Fat (5%) White Cheese
(b) Late Morning (10-11) Tea or Coffee with Cookies
(c) Lunch: Two small Meat Balls (Calf or other good Meat) ,
Rice and Green Salat.
(d) Evening : Cup of Tea.
Note: Don't forget to drink Mineral Water ( or Clean Water)
You should drink at least One Liter Water during the Day !
This is extreamly important for the Brain and Body !!
You will notice that once you lowered your Depression,
the amount of Sugar required to keep you alert
has seriously diminished .
Sugar boots your Brain but very fast you become tired !
Sugar also harms the Body and developes Diseases.
Important : You should know that the Majority of people in this World
do NOT need my Rules !
They have NOT very sensitive Brains and do almost anything instantly
they want to do ,without justifying their Actions by Reason.
They feel happy , released and never depressed !
How come ???
They simply have different Brains from you and me !!!
In spite of the Fact that we may suffer from Depressions
once in a while, especially when we stop "Reasoning" ,
we should thank God that HE has given us very intelligent
and gifted Brains , able to perform many complicated tasks !
We have many Skills , which other people rarely have !
This is because we have very sensitive Brains .
Once you cured your Depression, you will be able to enjoy Life
and be happy much more than other People !!!
This is the Great Reward for a sensitive Brain !
It is true that you have to work hard to control the Brain
with constant Reasoning , but once you learn it, your Brain
will be much stronger than the Brain of other People.
In this way some of us become Great Leaders !
You will never require Booze to overcome Depression !
Booze make you feel relaxed for a while
but then the Depression becomes worse !!!
You have studied and practised my Therapy
which is the Best Way to defeat Depression.
You may need to repeat this Therapy once a while ,
but thank God ,
Who has given you and me Excellent Brains !!
Sensitive Brains produce a lot of IMAGINATION !
Never rely on your Imagination ! Always check what you "sense" with Tests.
Exaggerations appear very often.
Now remember: what you store in your Brain during the day comes back to you
at Night or tomorrow and in the near Future!
If you record fearful things , they will increase your Anxieties
and impair correct Reasoning ! They will increase your Imagination
of possible Dangers !! They will finally depress you !
If you record joyful things during the Day or at Night , you will be happy
tomorrow and will have a lot of Energy to go on !!!
You will be also in a better Position to make your Friends happy .
If something BAD happens to you , then you should try to analyse the Event.
If the Event was inevitable ,then you should understand , that Nature
produces many inevitable Events and Human Beings are powerless
to prevent them , this too is LOGIC !!!
If you could have prevented this Tragic Event , then you should learn
from your Mistake and avoid its Repetition in Future.
Don't blame yourself too much , the Past can NOT be altered !
You need your Energy to improve your Future !
Now, here is an Example for exaggerated Response :
My Girlfriend told me she wants to stop seeing me because I told her
something she didn't like to hear !!!
She concluded: Because I know her well and I told her something
that offended her (!!!) it means that I don't want to see her anymore.
I explained to her that I can NOT know everything going on in
her Brain and that I love her and will never tell her to leave me.
This restored her Confidence and Love for me .
If Teachers and Doctors will read this Report about a senstive Brain
they will start to understand Minds of Persons who have
different Brains from their own.
This will create a better and more peaceful World !!!
To prevent reocurring Depression completely
you should turn my Therapy into a "Way of Living"!!!
You may need a little more Sleep because my Therapy
is "Hard Labor" - but it makes you Very Strong !!!
I admit that human Brains are NOT all equal,
but if my Advice and Theory has helped Millions
of people with Learning Problems
and Lack of Concentration
I shall indeed be very very happy !
Mind you:
Happiness makes one extreamly STRONG !!!
This is what I call:
REAL SUCCESS - being strong in MIND and Body.
Note: the Body should obey the Brain
If the Brain only obeys the Body , you are "done" !!!
Now here is some inspiring Report from
"Holistic Online" about Bibliotherapy:
I quote " The Bibliotherapy helped persons
to defeat Depression by changing the Negative
Thinking Patterns that caused it "
The proposed book was "Feeling Good (Burns-1980)". *************************************************
I propose my Article which is presented here
and based on my Experience and personal Success !!
As you can see : My Therapy uses Colors to
help the Brain and Mathematics to activate the Brain
and Reasoning to analyse Failure and build Success !!!
Since my Color-Mathematics-Biotherapy was born
on December 2012 , we have to give it a Name:
My Therapy is called : C-M-B-2012
Good Luck to all of my Friends !!!
All our Programs employ the
Color Coded System
to improve Memory and Comprehension
and are constructed to
teach Algebra and Geometry
Chapter by Chapter, Step by Step!
Please click on the Stars below to view our Examples !!!