"Scientific Graphic Calculator"  

Draws Two Dimensional Mathematical Functions by  Function-Input.Finds Maximum & Minimum Points, Intersection Points and enlarges up to 100,000 times !
Download the Program from www.colmath1.com
Function Values ( Coordinates ) are represented constantly during Operation.
Function Drawing is completely controlled by the Keyboard.
Function Keys include: Drawing Speed ,Forward and Backwards  Drawing ( Backwards Drawing erases the Function Graph ) ,Color and Drawing Style .Each Part of the Graph may be colored differently or erased (Black Color!). Each Area may be enlarged immediately k-times by clicking "y" on the Function Point !
This Special Design enables you to concentrate on interesting
Parts of the Function Graph during Action.
The Program includes : Solutions of Linear Equations,
Prediction of Mutual Condition between Lines and Planes,
Solutions of Quadratic and Cubic Equations
( including Complex Number Solutions !!! )
and Complex Number Operations with Rational Exponents ( Roots ! ).
Factorization of Natural Numbers into Primes,
Matrix Operations,Evaluation of Determinants ,Solutions of Characteristic Polynomials,
Permutations , Variations and Combinations (color coded ) !
A Highly sophisticated Scientific Calculator including :
Series Computation and Addition , 
Drawing and Analyzing  Implicit Functions of the Second 
Degree ,  Numeric Calculations of Integrals and First Derivatives ,
a Graphic Scientific Set-Operator and a brilliant "Space-Rotator" !!
The Space Rotator draws and rotates Planes & Lines in Space ,calculates Lines (Points) of Intersection . Includes : Axes Rotation Counter and Coordinate Value Counter.
Creation of Mathematical Surfaces by Vector Rotation !!!
Demonstrates Parametric Equations of Lines and Planes and performs forward and backward drawing of Lines .The Drawing Procedure (Speed) is completely controlled by the Keyboard during Action!
The Program includes Rotation of Vectors in Space
according to Euler's Formulas.
The Angle Rotation Counter and Axes Coordinates Counter
enables the Student to study the exact Rigid Body Motion in Space !!!
The Matrix Calculator includes : Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Matrices, Rank of Matrix, Characteristic Polynomial, Diagonalization and Multiplication of Matrices, Adjoint and Inverse Matrices ,Determinant Calculations and Regular Transformation of Symmetric Matrices (5x5).
Polynomial Teacher: Addition , Subtraction , Multiplication and Division of Polynomials.
Substitution of Polynomials (Numbers and Algebraic Expressions),
Solution (Real and Complex) of Equations .
This is a Real Superprogram to solve all your (Mathematical) Problems !!!
The Black Background gives a clearer and healthier
View of the Function Graph, which appears in 
High Accuracy and Splendid Graphics !!
Remark concerning Functions :
f(x)^(2/3) should be entered as :
Please remember : Rational Exponents must have Positive Base Values !
Remark concerning our Calculator:
Compound Expressions need Brackets !
Example :
enter 5 .. this means x = 5
Now write : [((x-2)^(x-1))/(x-2)]^(x-3)
and obtain the Result :
[(3^4)/3]^2 = [3^3]^2 = 3^6 = 729
Take care ! Numerator and Denominator have Brackets !!
Enter : (x-1)^3
Enter : "p" and x=1.0000000000000001
Enter : "p" and x=1.0000000000000002
Enter : x^3 - 3*x^2 + 3*x - 1
Enter : "n" and x=1.0000000000000001
"p" stands for "previous Expression"
"n" stands for "new Expression"
Now compare the Results !
This gives you a clear Picture of our High Accuracy !!!!
Expressions may include up to four different Variables :
x , b ,d , u .
For fast Series Summation over 200 members
please use our QBasic Programs !
To obtain an Accuracy of 15 Digits for Roots of Polynomials
use the Series Calculator Program (#2) !
Please read this information about the Limits and Accuracy
of our Scientific Calculator !
(1) The Calculator can handle absolute values smaller than 10^21
(2) The Definite Integral Calculator has the following limited Accuracy
shown by the following examples :
(a) Integral ( 10*x^9) dx = x^10 +c, for x=0 to x=2 we have 2^10 = 1024
The best Result is achieved for 17000 Intervals : 1024.00019609
(b) Integral(cos(x))dx =sin(x) +c , for x=0 to x=pi/6 we have. 0.5
Our Integral Calculator using 1000 Intervals finds :
0.50000000000002 9611
These Results prove that we seriously approach
International High Accuracy Standard of Wolfram Alfa ! ,