"Plane Geometry" 

 Theorems, Proofs and Exercises in Plane Geometry:
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Triangles,Triangle Congruence, Parallel Lines,Quadrilaterals- Parallelogram,Rectangle,Rhombus,Square,Kite,Trapezoid;
Circle, and  Similar Triangles.****
More than 1000 Color Coded Proofs in Plane Geometry !!!
The Text  employs the Color System, which facilitates the Process of Learning and Thinking  enormously!
The Program includes a "Search-Facility"  
for terms linked to the Program. This enables you to obtain :
Fast Reference for Pictures , Terms and Explanations.
" Geometry Proof-Tutor ".
This is a special Program to teach you "Proofs"
in Geometry. A Proof consists of Statements.
Each Statement must have its Justification.
Each Justification has its Number.
You are given a Statement by entering "L".
A List of Justifications appears.
Choose the correct Justification and enter its Number.
If your Choice is correct you will be credited by one Point.
The Computer will confirm the correct Justification.
On top of every page you will always view a complete
Color Coded Geometric Figure relating to the specific Proof.
The Geometry Proof-Tutor has over 500 Proofs !
All Programs have been written with the Graphic Scientific Text
Editor: " SPACE DRAW ".
The "SPACE-DRAW " Editor may be obtained on this SITE!
Beware! Once You Learn Mathematics with the "Color System" ,
you will start to fall in Love with MATHEMATICS!
Anyway,...I have warned you!