"Mathematical Library" 

This is the "User's Manual"  to give you Details concerning the listed Software.
It includes  Function keys, Procedures and General Operation-Instructions.

All the Programs are Easy to Operate , and this is done by using the Keyboard Keys
A List of the Function Keys is
given at the beginning of each Program.

Now, here is a LIST of the PROGRAMS:
Algebra - Drill, Algebra-Tutor and Algebra-Tester.   

Mathematical - Dictionary : 
  Formula-Collection: Algebra,Geometry (Plane and Sphere)
Analytic Geometry, Vectors,Equations,
Calculus,Probability and Statistics.

Plane -Geometry :
Proofs and Exercises -
Color Coded System for improved Memory !.

Scientific-Graphic-Calculator:  Function-Drawing (includes Rotation!),Equation Solving,Complex Number Calculations.
Splendid Graphics,Speed Control during Drawing-Operation and High Accuracy!

Implicit Function Drawings with Algebraic Solutions !
Rational & Irrational Equations represented as Functions
Trigonometric Equations represented as Functions
Minimum Maximum Points
Points of Inflection with detailed Algebraic Solutions !

Lines in Space, Planes in Space,Matrix & Determinant Calculations,Complex Numbers,.. and much much more!

Algebra :
Algebra-Problems,  Algebra-Tester with detailed Solutions.
Algebra - Tutor: teaches you Algebra and demonstrates many solved Exercises !!

Geometry :
Geometry Tutor,Geometry Tester ,Geometry Problems and Exercises with detailed Solutions -Step by Step Solutions!

Logical Games :
Apollo : the Logic-Super-Game for Everyone !!!
Airport : Land your Plane by Logical Decisions !

Analytic-Geometry and 

Space Draw: 
Scientific-Graphic-Editor,draws Three-Dimensional Math-Functions into your Text!
Suitable for Teachers, who want to write their own Interactive Programs !

  All our Programs have been written with this  Editor  !!.
Moving Pictures !!!
Amazing View  of " Moving Three-Dimensional Mathematical Functions" !!

Makes you feel like "Floating in OUTER SPACE" !!

Photo : A Cube moves in OUTER SPACE under
 Gravitational Forces!
Full Flight Control During Action!
Just use the proper Function Keys , and you control 

Speed, Rotation ,Shapes and Circular Motion of Body!

Now, if you want to learn more about the Color System,
go on, reading those Lines:

The Color System is here for YOU :
..to Improve Your Memory,

Increase Your Concentration
and Improve  Your   SUCCESS !

So, if YOU  DESERVE ALL THIS  (and YOU deserve it!!)
     you should better give it a REAL CHANCE!!!