"Algebra Problems" 

Various Problems in Algebra:  
Problems concerning Fractions, Percentage,  Motion-Problems ,Work Problems and Number Relations. 
We have added Advanced Motion Problems of oscillating Cars on a Line Segment
and moving Cars on a Circular Path.
(Solutions of Diophantine Equations !!!)
This Program has detailed Explanations and Solutions, wonderful Drawings,
a MUST for People who enjoy Algebra!
Graphs and color coded Texts help the Student's Memory !!!
Download the Program from www.colmath1.com
.....Don't miss it!!!
     This Program has been written with the
Space Draw-Editor developed by "Color Mathematics" .

The "Color System" employed here, gives the Student a better chance to concentrate on  Different IDEAS and CONCEPTS without " mixing them up !!! " .

Teachers and Students may consult me how to write their
own Text with the SPACE DRAW Editor and use the 
"Color System " to improve their Students
Memory for Abstract Concepts.
In spite of the Fact that all the Programs have explicit instructions,
I am always happy to receive from you an e-mail !!