"Space Draw" 

Our "Space - Draw" Editor has been designed to enable Teachers
to add their own Text , Drawings , Remarks & Explanations
to our Text.
I shall explain in details how to add your Text
to our Text :
(1) Download the "Space-Draw" Editor (Space.zip).
(2) Open a new Folder: "Space" (you may call it any name !)
(3) Copy "Space.zip" into your Folder "Space"
(4) Copy the File you wish to alter to "Space"
All our Files (Pages) have Serial Numbers (Names)
from "101" to "3000" .
Help - Pages are named "101A" , "101B" , "102A" , "102B" , etc..
These Pages are inserted for further Explanations and Remarks !
They are loaded by pressing "h" while running the Slide-Show ("Shift-F2").
(5) Click on "Ago.bat" to run the "Space-Draw" Editor.
"Ago.bat" appears in your Folder "Space"
(6) Read carefully all the Program Functions which enable
you to write, draw , change Text Style , Line Style
and Colors.
(7) Load the "101" or any other File by pressing "F2".
(8) Press "enter"
(9) Press "Page up" to prepare your Page for adding Text
or Drawings.
(10) Start writing with "F9" , end writing with "Ctrl-F9"
(11) View your Page with "Ctrl-F1" .
(12) Save your Page with "Ctrl-F2" .

Program Keys :
(A) Writing Text :
(1) Set Textstyle by pressing "F8".
(2) Color : "F1" continuously.
(3) Start Text : "F9"
(4) Write Text : Keyboard Letters.
(5) Delete Text : Press "delete" continuously.
(6) End writing : "Ctrl-F9".
(7) Move Text to a new Position : move your Cursor to a new Position
and press "Alt-F9".
(8) Enter IBM-Symbols (Numbers : 1-254): "Alt-F8".
(9) Print Symbol : Move the Cursor to the desired Position
and press : "Shift-F9".

(B) Deleting previous Text or Command :
(1) Press "Ctrl-F3" to view the List of Commands.
Stop viewing the List with entering "e" .
(2) Remember the Line Number with the Command (Text) you wish to delete.
(3) Press "Alt-F3" and enter the Line Number to delete.
(4) Press "Ctrl-F1" to view the corrected File (Page) .
Open the File by "unlocking" it :
(1) Press "Page up " to unlock.
(2) This opens the File for additional Commands .

(C) Drawing Lines :
(1) Fix the Linestyle with "Ctrl-F8".
(2) Move the Cursor to the Start Point and press "Ctrl-F4".
(3) Move the Cursor to the End Point (you may change Color by pressing "F1" continuously) and press "F4".
(4) You may change Direction of Line by moving the Cursor
and pressing "Shift-F3".
(5) To fix the Final Direction press "F4".
(6) Press "Ctrl-F1" to view the Page and press "enter" to continue.

(D) Drawing Circles & Ellipses :

(1) Circle :
Move the Cursor to the Center of the Circle
and press "F6" continuously to enlarge the Circle .
( for small steps press "F5" ! )
To fix the Circle : press "Ctrl-F6".

(2) Ellipse :
Move the Cursor to the Center of the Ellipse .
Press "Alt-F5" to enter the "Ellipse Relation Number (0.1-10)".
( For a Circle this Number = 1 )
Continue pressing "Alt-F5" to enlarge the Ellipse .
To fix the Ellipse : press "Ctrl-F5".

(E) Drawing an (circular) Arc :
Before drawing an Arc , always save your File !!
This Operation may cause "overflow" .
(1) You draw a circular Arc by three anticlockwise Points.
(2) Move the Cursor to the First Point and press "F7".
(3) Move the Cursor to the Second Point and press "F7".
(4) Move the Cursor to the Third Point,
(you may now change Color by pressing "F1" !)
and press "F7".
(5)View the Page by pressing "Ctrl-F1" and "enter".

(F) Drawing Program Functions (1-40) :
Save your File before drawing a Program Function !
(1) Press "F10" and choose any Function from 1 - 40 .
(2) Enter Function Parameters (suggested in Brackets).
(3) Move the Cursor to the desired Location (Function Center).
(4) Fix (record) the Function Parameters by pressing "Ctrl-F10".
(5) View your Page by pressing "Ctrl-F1" and "enter".

(G) Deleting and changing Commands :
(1) You may delete your last Command (Line) by pressing "Page Up".
(2) You may delete any Command (Line) by viewing the Number
of the Line with "Ctrl-F3". End viewing with "e" .
(3) Press "Alt-F3" and enter the Number of the Line to be deleted .
(4) View the corrected Page (File) with "Ctrl-F1" .
(5) If you don't see the whole Page then press "Ctrl-F7"
and enter the Number of your last Line (view with "Ctrl-F3").
(6) Press now "Ctrl-F1" to view the whole Page !
(7) To change a Command press "Shift-10" .
(8) Enter the Line Number of the Command to be altered.
(9) The Screen will show you the Text of the Command.
(10) Type the New Command and press "enter" !

(H) List of Files in your Directory ( C , D , E , .. ) :
(1) View the List of Files in your Directory by pressing "Home"
and enter "1" .
(2) Press "enter" to view all Pages.
(3) Press "Ctrl-F1" to return to your Page .

(I) Loading Files :
(1) Press "F2" and enter the Name of your File .
(2) Our Files have consecutive Numbers from 1 - 3000 .
These Numbers allow you to view Files in form of a Slide-Show !
(3) To view the File press "Ctrl-F1" and "enter" .

(J) Saving Files :
(1) Press "Ctrl-F2" and enter the Name of your File .
(2) Enter the Name of your Directory (C,D,E,..).
(3) Press "enter".
(4) Press "Ctrl-F1" to view the recorded File.
(5) To continue working press "enter" and "Page Up".
"Page Up" prepares your Page for additional Commands !!

(K) Viewing a Slide-Show :
(1) Press "Shift-F2".
Enter the Name of the First File ( usually "101" ).
(2) Enter the Number of Files you wish to view.
(3) For "Colors" enter "1" .
(4) Enter "2" to stop (break) for each Picture.
(5) Enter "1" for "running Pictures".
(6) Pausing between Pictures , enter 1 - 50.
(7) Press enter to view the Slide-Show.
(8) By pressing "h" you may view the two "Help-Pages" :
"101A" and "101B", "102A" and "102B" , etc ..
(if they have been recorded !)
(9) To end the Slide-Show press "s" and "enter".

(L)Copying Text Lines :
(1) Press "Ctrl-F3" to view the Line Number
where the Text String appears.
(2) Move the Cursor to the Location where the Text
has to be copied.
(3) Press "Shift-F4" and enter the Line Number of the Text.
(4) Enter the Color Number for the copied Text.
(5) Press "Ctrl-F1" to view the copied Text .
(L') Copying Pages :
Press "Print Screen" on your Keyboard .
Paste the Picture into Microsoft's "PaintBrush" Program !

(M) How does the "Space-Draw" Editor work ?? **************************************************

By pressing the Program Keys F1 - F10 , the Computer records "Commands".
Each Command tells the Computer what to do .
Let's have a look at the Computer , trying to understand
what happens when we write "Algebra".
By pressing "F9" and writing "Algebra" , the Computer records : "!Algebra".
By pressing "Ctrl-F9" the Computer records :
"T" tells the Computer to start writing .
"156" is the X-Coordinate , "030" is the Y-Coordinate (640x480 Pixels ! )
"12" is the "Color Number" for "intensive red".
"07" is the Number of Letters in "Algebra".
"!Algebra" tells the Computer to write "Algebra".
These Commands are recorded in your File (Page) and by pressing "Ctrl-F1"
these Commands are executed by your Computer.
You may view the List of Commands by pressing "Ctrl-F3"

(N) Colors :

The "Space-Draw" Editor works with 16 Colors (F1)
and 9 Palette Combinations (Shift-F1).
This Combination allows you to use 64 Colors
which are sufficient for Mathematics !
We have chosen the most effective Colors from the 256 Colors
enabled by Windows.
The Limitation of Colors allows improved Graphics with less Memory.
Our Programs need less than 1 Megabyte (compressed).
This makes our Programs suitable for fast e-mailing.
Limited Memory Consumption makes it easy for your Computer
to operate our Programs reliably , successfully and fast !!!
Download the Program from www.colmath1.com

**** ** ** ** ** ** ** ****************

Our "Space-Draw" Editor draws Pictures of Mathematical Functions in "Three Dimensional Shape". Frequencies, Wavelength, Rotation, Size and Drawing Speed of the Functions are controlled and changed by your Input. Values are suggested in Brackets!
Two and Three Dimensional Functions are included in this
The Pictures are saved, each Picture may include up to 250 different Commands, Functions, Texts and Basic Drawings.
The included Functions are :Lines ,Ellipses, Arcs, Circles, Parabola, Hyperbola, Sine, Cosine and Tangent Functions, Complex Waves, Complex Curves ,Cones, Pyramids, Spheres rotating Spirals, crawling Snakes, moving Sharks , exploding Stars and flying Balloons in different shapes , Craters and exciting "Three Dimensional Shapes" far exceeding your Imagination !!!
All Pictures are created by  Mathematical Functions !
The recorded Pictures are represented in form of Slides.
The Computer recreates the Pictures by a series of Commands, bestowing the Picture a "Motion Effect"!

The Motion is controlled by various Inputs , creating slightly different " Zigzagged Shapes".
The slower Motion draws molded round Figures. The Three Dimensional Picture is produced by "Colored Rings" which improves your Perception of "Space" !

Now, this Program is a complete Graphic Editor!! It uses all 256 I.B.M Symbols and 64 Colors , 9 different Text Sizes, Subscripts and Superscripts may be located at different levels, Ornaments and Mathematical Functions may be drawn into the Scientific Text.
Well- the BEST Scientific Editor available!!
Just press "Shift+F2" to view the most exciting pictures from "Outer Space" and the "Coral-Sea" !!!
The Program is EASY to OPERATE and Function-Input Values are suggested in Brackets.
So, if You don't want 
to draw Your own Functions, just relax,
let the "Function- Exhibition" ( Slide-Show "Shift-F2" ) run,
and listen to some good Music ...
we have even some Relaxation-Music for "Color Mathematics" to offer !!

 ....... You will enjoy this !!

....But if You have time, You may write Your 
own Scientific Texts and DRAWINGS
with this wonderful Editor, 
.........and the World will enjoy it!!