Representation of Vectors in Plane and Space. Operation on Vectors. Linear Dependence. Vectorial Representation of Lines and Planes. 
Mutual Condition Analysis of  Planes and Lines by Rank of Matrices,
Scalar Product,Vector Product and Triple Products.
The Program includes a detailed Study of Vector Rotation
in Space according to Euler's Formulas !
Many Problems solved in Detail !!

The Program includes an Introduction to Matrices and Determinants
with many detailed Examples and Graphs.
The Color System makes the Study of Vectors and Matrices very easy and enjoyable !
This Program includes a " Search Facility" concerning Terms, Concepts,
Formulas , Rules and Definitions appearing in this Program.
"Vectors"-has been written with the
"SPACE- DRAW -Editor"
and Teachers are inspired to add their own TEXTS and IDEAS
to the Program by using the "Space-Draw" Editor!
The "Color System" increases the Students Ability to 
understand "Complex Situations", distinguish between 
"Different Ideas" and correlate them with "Diminished Effort"!
Don't waste your Energy on "Endless Searching" !!
the "Color System" will save your Precious Time!!!
Suitable for High-Schools and Colleges, Teachers and Students. 
Download the Program from www.colmath1.com