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-As a matter of fact, a lot of people ...DON'T !!!*** COLOR MATHEMATICS *** will HELP YOU to create additional POWER for CONCENTRATION !!! The "IMPACT" of Colors is stronger than "Black & White " .Brain Waves created by Colors have a Positive Effect on Memory , Concentration and even the Immune-System !!!!Colors are used to communicate between the Visual Perception and "Abstract Memory" !
If you wish to learn more about the ability of Colors to remove Stress and improve Concentration , you should read "Colour Therapy" by Pauline Wills available at "". "Color Mathematics" is OUR SUCCESS- NOW it is YOURS !!!
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Our Programs are for Students and Teachers who are looking for a Successful Way of Learning and Teaching Mathematics in an Original Color Method . This Visual Color Method highly improves the Student's Understanding and Memory ! All the Programs available here have WORLD WIDE REPUTATION at High Schools and Universities !!********** "Color Mathematics" ****** has been developed by E.GELBER , a highly experienced Mathematician and Teacher, doing his Practice and Research for over 40 years ! "Color Mathematics" ,due to the Internet, has reached more than ONE Million Computers in less than One Year ! Curious to find additional Information about "Color Mathematics " ? All right!*******Please check the 260 Links on my last Page on this site. "Color Mathematics" is a Four-Star ****Winner , listed by the "Study-Web"-among 86000 Programs !! -Recommended Programs of many High Schools in the United States of America and abroad !!!
I wish to thank Mr. I. Navon , former President of Israel ,the "Rubin-Academy of Music"-Jerusalem, for inspiring me to develop Programs for "Color Mathematics" and the University of Haifa-Israel for their Assistance as to the Publicity of my site*** I wish to express my Gratitude to the University of Minnesota, the Florida State University, the Math Forum - Drexel University , the Midwestern State University of Texas , the State University of South Dakota ,the Technology Leadership Institute ,the Stanford University - California , the University of North Texas ,the Tidewater Community College - Virginia ,the Bishop O'Dowd School - California ,the Oranim Academic College - Haifa - Israel , EduWeb-Germany , , J. Brode - High School - Berkeley Springs-West Virginia , the Many Junior High School - Louisiana and furthermore to:
the "NSDL" (National Science Digital Library - USA),
" ","Angelfire","CNN",NBCi","AOL","Alta Vista","Excite" and "USA-Online" for their Enormous Contribution !!! to the Success of "Color Mathematics" and to the Fast Promotion of Scientific Education !!!
Why has the World reached the Moon , while Mathematical Education
has NOT progressed since 1900 ???
The World knows almost everything about the Brain but does NOT
use it for Education ???
Well , here is my Answer :
It has NOTHING to do with MONEY !
Those in charge of Education , appointed by the Government
including Universities don't like the Idea that some Teacher
tells them "how to improve Education" , because they are
the Experts and they know everything about Education !!
There are a few Univerities that embrace and publish
NEW IDEAS in accordance with our Progress in "Brain Research".
These are the Universities that listed "Color Mathematics" !!!
This Progress would be impossible without the Internet !!!
So you see : it is the Internet that helped us to awake
" Sleeping Education "
Thank you INTERNET and Google !!!!
Now ,if you want Success in Mathematics you have to teach it !!
But how ???? !!!!
Classes are too crowded , too noisy and Discipline is low !!
Can you succeed in such impossible Situation ???
I don't think so .
This means : the Pupil has to learn at Home with suitable Texts
and Programs encouraged by his Parents !!
I am confident that other Universities and High Schools will join this
Effort and enable easy Access to "Color Mathematics" for the Benefit of their
Students !! As Science has enormous increasing Success, we, who want to be
successful, must improve our Methods to study Science. "Color Mathematics" will do this job efficiently !!!
I sincerely hope that in the Near Future more Universities will pay Attention
to "Color Mathematics" !!!
As for now , the Subject is almost "ignored" !!!

I do need much Help from Teachers around the World ,
mainly the Help of the CMSE :
Center for Mathematics and Science Education
at the California State University to help me introducing
"Color Mathematics" to American Classrooms, at least as a Program
which assists Students to study Mathematics while determining their
own Speed of Learning and helping their "Working Memory" with Colors!
The Difference between the Programs of Famous Software Companies
and my Programs is very significant !!!
Many Software Companies give you Graphic Tools to solve Mathematical
Problems - they don't teach You how to solve and understand the
Problems . Yes , they give you Instructions how to use the Computer
for each Problem. The Graphs have Colors , but the Text , if there
are any Explanations , is NOT "Color Coded" and usually very crowded.
In most of the cases it is an "Online Help Service" and usually
you don't have an e-mail to ask help for your Problem.
Instead you have a "Blog" where people guess Solutions .
In my 60 Programs I have always given Examples which have detailed
Color Coded Solutions. In each Program you have at least 30 Examples.
Most of my Programs are assisted by special Graphical Computer
Programs to plot Graphs , two and three dimensional Graphs,
and calculate Real Solutions of Equations with a 19-Digit Accuracy !!!
I have an e-mail and I do answer my e-mail with Pleasure !!!
My Front Page has a List , where you can check my World Wide Reputation!
I do NOT believe in such Trash , like : " I wish to thank your Company !
You have helped me to pass all my Examinations with Great Success !!!"
But I do believe in a List of Links to High Schools , Teacher Seminars
and Universities , listing the Company's URL .
After all , there is only one way to learn : It is to learn , which
is "Hard Labour" - NOT a Child's Game ! Colors will help your
Working Memory , NOT foolish distracting Stories about
Professor Kinsky , Mr. Shick - Shack and Madame Kusbara !!!
The Importance to achieve better Results for American High School Students
seems to me prior to all other Considerations ( of Privilege ) !
I believe that Logic will prevail and the USA will admit that "Color
Mathematics" is the Best Solution to accomplish a satisfactory Education
in Mathematics for Middle-School Students and High-School Students !!!
China ,Taiwan , Israel ,India , Brazil and Western Cape - South Africa has already introduced "Color Mathematics"
to a few High Schools and I am sure that the USA has much to learn
from them in this matter !!
I suggest "Algebra Drill" for 5 - 10 Minutes per day and "Power Drill",
starting with "Signed Numbers" and then going on with "Fractions"
"Equations" ,"Algebra Problems" and "Geometry " (Proofs).
The Programs are easy to operate and to learn and
the "Color System" helps the Student to remember and understand the Rules involved.
I wish to remind you that the Traditional Teaching System for Mathematics
in Swiss and German High Schools has produced outstanding Mathematicians,
and I don't see any Reason why it should be changed , it rather should
be enforced by employing "Color Mathematics" Drill Programs !
These Programs will provide sufficient Experience in Mathematics
to enable Students to handle and understand "Abstract Concepts" !!

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Samples : Programs for WINDOWS 95, 98 , 2000 and XP ! *****

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Reference :

"Triangle Congruence - Color System- Mathematics" by E.Gelber

published by "Achiever Ltd " 1988 Jerusalem-Israel.

Theorems,Proofs and Exercises demonstrating the Color System.

Reference: Rubin Academy of Music- High School-Teacher for Mathematics: E.Gelber.

Reference: Ministry of Education - Israel- Curriculum for Teachers:March 1994-"Triangle Congruence" -Color System for Mathematics-by E.Gelber


By Prof.G.Papy--Collier-Macmillan 1968-The Macmillan Company-New York.This is a WORLDWIDE FAMOUS BOOK and should be carefully studied by people who want to understand our MODERN WORLD ! Quotation(Introduction): "The USE of COLORS to identify specific elements in a situation has long been regarded as an EXCELLENT TEACHING DEVICE"

Click Here to show me NOW the DIFFERENCE between the "COLOR SYSTEM " and "Monochrome or Black and White" !!

Read this carefully :
Symbols and Colors are used worldwide for various applications:
Geography,Physics,Astronomy,Communication and Advertising. Colored Symbols have greater chances to enter our Memory than Monochrome Symbols.
Colors and Symbols help to memorize Abstract Concepts. They help to classify different elements and to separate different concepts and objects.
If all these Advantages are TRUE - and they are - why appear our Textbooks in "Black and White " ???
Is it only "Money" that counts ??
Well, our site for "Color Mathematics" has solved this PROBLEM !!!

Test your Brain !
Is your Brain working properly ??
"Apollo" will test your Brain and give you the Answer !!
Download Apollo NOW to test your Brain !!!
Test your Space-Perception with the X,Y,Z-Axis Rotator, included in the Scientific Calculator Program !!

I wish to express my GRATITUDE to the Government of the United States of America and other Nations and Individuals,
fighting for the Provision of FREE Academic Expression and Information at the WORLD WIDE WEB.*** Freedom regarding the Internet will make every one of us better Judges between Right and Wrong, between Good and Bad !!!
I wish to express my Gratitude to Professor Huegelsberger - my Gymnasium Professor for Latin in Gmunden , Austria - who convinced me to become a Teacher .
I wish to thank Prof. A. Robinson , Prof. S. Amitsur
and Prof. Joel Rokach from the Hebrew-University Jerusalem for giving me an excellent Education in Mathematics and Physics !
I wish to thank my Professor Zvi Yavetz teaching me the History
of Greece and Rome , one of the Best Teachers I shall never forget !
Everyone coming to this page should be informed that it was
Professor Zvulun Tuchman who made me love Mathematics !!!
I wish to thank Professor Leo Lehner from Vienna , who devoted his Life to bring Harmony and Mutual Understanding to the World by Music , travelling with the "Chorvereinigung Jung-Wien" around the World -- and I hope to make some Contribution in this Direction with "Color Mathematics".
I believe in the Importance of Logic and Mathematics as a vital Tool to create Understanding and even "Harmony" whenever Hate , Violence and mainly "Ignorance and Stupidity" is causing Terror and War !
Furthermore I wish to thank Prof. M. Hillman, one of the Greatest Educators I shall ever know. He has given hundreds of Students and Teachers Happiness and Success by restoring Confidence and Peace !!
Prof. M. Hillman was Principle of the Rubin-Academy of Music
(High - School) in Jerusalem (1965 - 1985 ). ***********************************************************
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